Brent Phillips was a successful MIT-trained engineer who experienced a miracle change when his arm (immobile and frozen at the elbow after a surgery) healed in an instant after a single session of the holistic technique Theta Healing! He was so transformed by this experience that he gave up his career in technology and dedicated all of his science and engineering talent and experience to master instant healing and personal holistic transformation. Today, he shares the magic and miracles of Theta HealingTM with his students and clients around the world. You will be intrigued by his story and truly amazed by the power of this remarkable energy healing process.
Use special binaural beats audio technology and embedded Theta Healing energy to release your subconscious blocks to wealth, prosperity, and success.

Clear the 327 most common blocks to prosperity and financial success

This 272 page book explains how, by accessing a conscious theta brain wave it is possible to directly work with the off-limits subconscious part of ourselves. You then learn how we can use the technique of Theta Healing in a precise, step-by-step fashion to work with our subconscious mind to create miraculous instant healings and amazing life changes.
Whether you are brand new to muscle testing, or an experienced Theta Healing or other holistic therapy practitioner, this 1 hour Video is a treasure trove of tips, tricks, and troubleshooting techniques that will let you easily muscle test even the most difficult clients.
The CD uses a proven technology known as "binaural beats", which are subaudibal beats that guide the brain into a deep meditative state. These binaural beats are combined with relaxing nature sounds, and require that you listen to the CD with headphones.
Brent Phillips has "cracked the code" on weight loss, reversal of aging, and achieving optimal health in this 176-page PDF download. And the secret revealed is a synergistic combination of elements – emotional clearing, cleansing, strategic eating, and efficient exercise which work together to deliver incredible results.
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Learn to heal instantly with the power of theta brain waves!

Theta Healing is a powerful energy healing technique that has helped people to achieve miraculous instant healings and profound life transformations.

People just like you use Theta Healing as a tool to help transform their lives and bring health, wealth, and happiness!

This audio of Where Science Meets Spirit book shows how it is possible to directly work with the off-limits subconscious part of ourselves. You also learn how the techniques of Theta Healing can create miraculous instant healings and amazing life changes.
Perhaps the single most important use of a technique like Theta Healing is to clear traumas out of your subconscious mind. Without traumas interfering, you will be able to more directly access your true power and divine heritage to create the kind of life you desire.
Healing allergies with Theta Healing is the closest thing to 100% consistently effective allergy treatment methods that I've seen. I have developed this allergy clearing meditation to harness the power of Theta Healing for you to use at home to heal your allergies, conveniently and economically.
Multiple live tele-seminars every month, such as The Wealth Club and The Love Club, where Brent does Theta Healing on all participants to clear subconscious blocks to health, wealth, love, and more!
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