Dr. Kimberly McGeorge has practiced naturopathic medicine for over 20 years and worked as an intuitive life coach and energy healer for the last 10 years. Dr. Kimberly, a high level healer is currently taking limited, private clients and is teaching classes across the country. She now exclusively practices energy medicine, is a vibrational catalyst and sought after speaker. She is committed to facilitating consciousness and raising vibration around the globe. Trained in many different modalities and in the shortest amount of time, she remains committed to facilitating the greatest amount of transformation in her clients.
Jarrad Hewett is a gifted healer who has worked with some of the biggest and most recognizable names in the self-help and spiritual movement. He is the bestselling author of Love, Life, God: The Journey of Creation, as well as the co-author of the #1 International Best-seller, The Big E - Everything is Energy. Through his work, he seeks to help others reconnect with their own inner guidance, wisdom, and peace. His goal is to empower all of creation by sharing his personal humor and insight.

Jarrad was born clairvoyant and clairaudient with the gift to see all forms of energy. Raised in a strict, conservative home, Jarrad was taught to hide his gifts. Religion told him that he was flawed, broken, and wrong. As he grew, this manifested in becoming morbidly obese by the age of 9.
In his early twenties, he suffered from debilitating heart problems that often landed him in the Emergency room. Crippled by anxiety and depression, wracked with guilt and disease, and believing his heart condition was going to kill him, he finally surrender to the realization that everything is energy.

Today Jarrad is a whole new person having transcended all his past stories of disease and disharmony. Jarrad is one of the most powerful and brilliant healers, writers, and channels on the planet. Jarrad provides an awe-inspiring view of God, Consciousness and what it means to be alive. Constant as the ever-present moment of now is our Source Self, and Jarrad's message is a living embodiment to that concept. Understanding how to reach and operate from that center are the keys to uniting and healing not just a fractured culture, but a fractured self. By tapping into our authentic self, we begin to see in life-altering ways that through our own actions, in-actions, thoughts, beliefs, how our world has come into being.

Awaken Your Heart:
Unleash Your Full Power and Potential

Fully Awakened Consciousness is The Key to Creating Anything You Want

Two of the world’s most renowned energy experts are joining together for Month of March to offer you Rapid Fire Awakening, Unconditional Love, and Infinite Expansion.

Experience The Infinite Possibilities of Conscious Creation.

Internationally known Intuitive Energy Healer Dr. Kimberly McGeorge N.D. and Best-Selling Author and Acclaimed Growth Facilitator, Jarrad Hewett are offering unprecedented intimate access to the most Mind-Blowing, Ground-Breaking, Paradigm Smashing Experience you'll ever have.

People around the world have experienced Huge Growth, Amazing Breakthroughs, and Life-Changing Manifestations with their tools and products. You have most likely experienced their energy and Amazing Insights on radio, television, and in private sessions. But never before have they given this kind of UNPRECEDENTED access to their high level energy work at such low price for A WHOLE MONTH!!!!

Gain intimate access to the most MIND-BLOWING,
Experience you'll ever have!!!

Internationally known Intuitive Energy Healer Dr. Kimberly McGeorge N.D. and Best-Selling Author and Acclaimed Channel Jarrad Hewett are offering you the Incredible Experience of The Infinite Love of You for a whole MONTH

Daily Energy Work On Your Energy

During the MONTH of MARCH, (Starting Monday March 4th) BOTH Dr. Kimberly and Jarrad will be channeling massive amounts of Unconditional Love and Energy directed SOLELY AT THIS GROUP!!

They will immerse themselves to create the MOST EXPANSIVE, SUSTAINABLE shift you've EVER EXPERIENCED.

You've felt the energy on LIVE Calls, NOW, feel what it's like to have this MASSIVE energy flowing to you and through you as you learn to tap into the INFINITE LOVE of you!

BOTH Jarrad and Dr. Kimberly will be working on YOUR energy remotely for 15 minutes a day EVERY SINGLE DAY during this program. That totals 2 individual sessions, for 31 days - an incredible 14 HOURS of total energy work! and/or 62 privates sessions!!

Imagine what you could achieve with that much energy
work being done for you??

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for YOU to allow old wounds to fall away and instead FEEL what it feels like to live in a space of total Divine Love where you are READY and OPEN to RECEIVE the Infinite Love and Abundance the Universe has to offer.

It doesn't matter which areas you're seeking balance, resolution, improvement and higher vibrational resonance, LOVE is always the answer!

Thousands have experienced the Power of a single 15 minute session with either Jarrad or Dr. Kimberly. IMAGINE THE POWER of having BOTH of these amazing healers working on EVERY DAY.

The energies of Awakening, Acceptance, Total Love, Integration, Wellness, and More will be running through your field 24 hours a day!!

Plus specific frequencies and individual work directed SOLELY AT YOU!

Over the course of the whole month of MARCH, you'll gain access to 4 more Amazing and in-depth 90 minute LIVE calls designed to be frequency raising LOVE calls - LOADED with amazing energy and remote frequencies, where you'll get to call in and explore and play in this vast, expansive, celebratory energy of 2013.

These calls will be SPECIFICALLY geared towards opening this group to the full-on, infinite vibrations of Source Energy as well as maintaining FULL ON SUPPORT throughout the entire month of MARCH and are ONLY for this group.

This program will kick-off with an incredibly high frequency LIVE 90 minute healing call with BOTH Jarrad and Dr. Kimberly on Monday, March 4th, 2013. They will take you further than you ever thought you could go as they create a space of Instant Awakening and Love.

You will literally FEEL your vibrations rising while BOTH Jarrad and Dr. Kimberly do intense work for everyone on the call AND take LIVE questions to help heal and bring clarity to the questions most important to YOU!

Each call will create an amazing space of Love, Forgiveness, Instant Awareness, and Miracles in which Dr. Kimberly will use her gifts as an Intuitive Energy Healer and frequency MASTER to help raise the vibration of everyone on the call while Jarrad will be present to channel information and energy relevant to EVERYONE listening and to help bring about the biggest and most spectacular changes possible - individually and collectively!

TAKE FULL ADVANTAGE of this AMAZING supportive energy as Jarrad and Kim help transition you into the energy of 2013: including love, high vibrancy, celebration, wholeness, and abundance.

Can you imagine what this amazing month could unfold for you?
With such an intense and total IMMERSION of high energy, it won't be possible to stay in the lower space!

What would your life be like after these amazing shifts?

What would it be if you stay the same as today?????

SIGN ME UP!!! I want to create my dream life in 2013

The four 90 minute Live Calls and intense daily energy work are only the beginning!!

Jarrad and Dr. Kim have created an entirely new catalog of downloads to facilitate your absolute shift...that's how serious they are about supporting you through this rare time!

From Dr. Kimberly McGeorge

Value: $285

This Incredibly High Frequency Series was created specifically for this program in order to Awaken your inner magnificence as well as your outer abilities by activating and opening your natural energy bodies, fields, chakras, and systems.

Value: $85

Dr Kimberly will also be offering two ALL NEW exclusive brain entrainment and frequency tracks:

  • The first is designed to help you detox on all levels and includes specific frequencies designed to eliminate heavy metals and purge other toxins that can hold 3D matrix programming in the body.

  • Her second all new track, Freedom From Anxiety and Fear, was created to help heal old relationship wounds and enable you to dive freely into creating the world you desire: a world where you are totally cherished, loved… a world in which you feel peace, harmony, wellness, wholeness, and Divine Connection.

Value: $285

Join Dr. Kimberly on this 20 minute visionary journey into a world beyond frequency and beyond anything you’ve ever experienced before.

This new proprietary technology goes beyond frequency and exponentially changes the way you create your reality. If you are looking to forever change your relationships and open up to the highest frequencies of love, support, unity, and expansion, this is the program for you!

This is your opportunity to allow old wounds to fall away in a space of total Divine Love and open to receiving the total love and abundance that the Universe has to offer.

In whatever areas you’re seeking balance, resolution, improvement and higher vibrational resonance, LOVE is the answer, and this program is a Fully Awakened Access Point to that Energy!

And From Jarrad Hewett

Value: $160

For the first time ever, Jarrad has added the power of brain entrainment technology to his audio journeys. This amazing 20 minute Healing Session is set to music and layered with some of the most potent and POWERFUL energy Jarrad has channeled to date.

This Healing journey can be listened to over and over again to help you release WHATEVER is limiting you in the creation and experience of love.

This Amazing Energy Journey marks a powerful new advance in Jarrad’s work Wherever you get stuck, Whatever holds you back, Learn to Release it NOW !

Mild Caution: You may experience a gentle energetic or emotional release which is helpful in accelerating and deepening your capacity for lasting, positive change. Because of the very high frequencies present in this track, Jarrad does not recommend listening any more than twice a day.

Value: $235

Jarrad believes that stress, fear, poverty, dis-ease, and lack, are all caused by a disconnect from who you truly are and all you truly know. These imbalances in your personal frequencies broadcast out into the universe and hinder your flow while simultaneously corrupting the energy fields. These vibrations create interference patterns and cause a restructuring of our brainwaves which undermines our inherent knowing and causes us to plug into a Matrix-like world of illusion and fear.

Go beyond the mind and experience a world of limitless possibilities, potentials, and experiences. This guided journey includes frequencies that activate and bring together your inner dimensional energies and empowers you to function from a position of true Power and true Knowing.

This Brand New Guided Energy Session also includes a Never Before Released to the public meditation on "Frequency Imaging" and self-creation which includes tips on physically creating reality and Transmuting Energy on All Levels.

When listening to this amazingly powerful channeled journey, the most prudent advice is to review the material diligently and with an open heart. With repeated listening, comes new understanding and insight that can best be summed up as an unending series of gifts and epiphanies. Time and time again, new "aha" moments will unfold, leading to a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of the Self.

Warning: This is meditation creates an incredibly POWERFUL space filled with very intense frequencies.

Value: $235

What do money, health, and people all have in common? You have a relationship with all of them. While the language of this track is specific to creating physical relationships, the energy of this Journey can be applied to creation in all subjects. This track specifically focuses on helping you connect to the vibrations of love and support that are essential to experiencing the relationships of your dreams - in all categories!

What would it be like to be received in every single relationship measure?

Whether you are currently in a relationship or seeking the partner of your dreams, this guided journey was created to help you bring your ideal relationships into physical reality.

In this powerful 16 minute journey filled with the frequencies of self-love, confidence, truth, beauty, joy, radiance, acceptance, and celebration, Jarrad creates a space wherein you can feel what it feels like to be held, seen, cherished, and loved by yourself, by the world, and by your partner.

Open up to receiving like never before in your life: your job, your partner, your world? What would it be like to truly be seen on all levels and loved beyond.

In order to facilitate maximum shift, Jarrad will also be including a very special
frequency encoded
version of his Best-Selling Audio Book:

Value: $185

One of the most powerful and brilliant messages you’ll ever hear, this special frequency encoded audio version of Jarrad’s International Best-Seller contains some of the highest frequencies felt on this plane and brings instant illumination and insight.

The text itself provides an awe-inspiring view of Source-consciousness and what it means to be alive. It powerfully demonstrates the full potential of love and conscious creatorship in ways that will astonish, inspire, and leave you breathlessly moved.

No subject is off limits in this exploration of thoughts, energy, and the science that brings them together. Constant as the ever-present moment of now is our Source Self, and Love, Life, God fully illustrates that concept. Understanding how to reach and operate from that center are the keys to uniting and healing not just a fractured culture, but a fractured self. By tapping into who we really are, we begin to see in life-altering ways that through our own actions, thoughts, beliefs, etc, just how our world (and our perspective of that world) has come into being. On this journey, Jarrad also shows in clear and irrevocable ways how to change the world through changing the Self.

Coded with massively expansive frequencies, this special audio version is like having your own personal energy library to visit time and time again.

  • A FULL MONTH Access to the MOST AMAZING Energy you will EVER Experience - directed right at you!!
  • 30 Minutes a Day FROM BOTH Jarrad and Dr. Kimberly as they direct this massive awakening energy right at you
  • 6 Hours of a LIVE question and answers with two of THE MOST leading edge remote healers and channels in the world TODAY!
  • Dr. Kimberly's ALL NEW Awakened Human Series
  • Her 2 POWERFUL, NEVER BEFORE RELEASED frequency tracks, as well as her new Program: Vision-Scapes TM Beyond Frequency

In addition, you’ll be receiving Jarrad’s incredibly expansive, brand new

  • Release Everything Energy Journey
  • His Living in 5D Reality Meditation and Healing MP3
  • The Brand New Living Your Ideal Relationships Energy Journey (applicable to all of your relationships, including your relationship to wealth!)
  • And an audio copy of one of the most advanced books in existence today!

The Total Value of This Program – including the combined half hour a day of remote energy work - is valued in excess of $11,780.00


An entire Healing Library of virtually all new material
from two of today’s most leading edge, new-energy healers –

with either of them: $297.00


Full Consciousness is The Key to Creating Anything You Want
Get Your Ultimate Access

I felt an immediate release of anger, fear and confusion the very first time I listened on a call with Dr. Kimberly and Jarrad and they weren't even working on me directly! I have continued to find clarity, raise my vibration, and enjoy life again with their meditations and recordings. Thank You both showing me the way up!
- Lynette, CA

Wow, I’m continually amazed and blown away at the speed and how things are changing!! ...Today I’ve had one of the most powerful experiences that indeed does feel like a birth. I did all of your 3 energy journey meditations in a row this morning and I felt really open and in the flow right from the start... I found myself looking into my own eyes and the most amazing feeling came over me, like I so deeply fell in love ….with myself... it was and still is so beautifully amazing! I am WHOLE!
- Corinne

thank you,thank you, so much for your wonderful, powerful, Meditation "
> Release Everything"
> Your voice is Joy Love and Peace.I have never listened to a powerful
> Meditation like yours.
> I am so happy that I was guided to you and Kimberly to listen to your
> miracolous healing work.
> It is a miracle.

- Traudi

" I am discovering parts of my self now that amaze me"
- Sarah

"I AM SO HAPPY!!!" ...I laugh and giggle like when I was a little girl before I fell into hiding. It feels so good to feel that way again. I feel lighter and brighter and in love with Life more than ever. I Am more in Love with me too. I so enjoy observing me go through the day with new awareness of everything. I Am at Peace within more than ever.
– Cyndi H.

I haven't slept well for months.... thank you both for the awesome call!! I slept like a baby. Thank you!!
- Karyn, Columbia

"I feel blessed beyond imagination with what happened for me on that call. A searing neck and upper back pain I'd been experiencing for days has melted away - thank you for that. But I must say the experience is so far beyond and so deep within, that I can hardly relate to my physical body! I'm sincerely grateful that you'll be sending a replay!"
- CJ

"I feel amazing! Everything is flowing well and has been easy. Even when it's not it's much easier to move out of quickly. This month so far has been a nice gentle flowing energy. I have worked a few times only when I have wanted to and started exercising and eating less/better without all the "feelings" attached to all of it. I do it because it's fun and easy (and makes me happy :) ) My daughter and I are getting along much better and my son has been healthier. I really see how it's all me and my story coloring how they interact with me."
– Megan

That first call was really powerful. I will be listening to that recording again and again. And thank you for letting us know how you work with the energies of everyone in the group - I feel very loved and honored to be here. And am in deep appreciation for giving myself this gift when the echo in my head from the matrix told me I was foolish and could not afford it. Deep breath and exhaling sound!
– Nancy

Thanks for working on me just now... I could feel the band on my forehead release and the tears were tears of relief... pure release... I can literally feel things unraveling.... from my feet to my stomach and up into my neck! Thank you!
– Peg

I am FLYING today and nearly a gallon of water w/lemon on board.... moving lots-o-energy!! Here's to a month and beyond!
– Linda

so I just finished listening to and participating in the Visionscapes process and then I got up and put the detox frequencies on...
holy jumping jesus!
my body just spontaneously broke out into some kind of fun bouncing energy dance.. it's hard to describe. it wasn't bouncing off the walls crazy but it was as if something came alive in me and just let all the muscles and body parts move and groove and easily and effortlessly and gracefully let go. it felt sooo happy and was an all encompassing release of sensations from head to toe. my eyes were closed and i had perfect balance and spin... it was sooo good! and so lovely. thank you!

- Cyndi

I love your new material. But what I want to mention is that I went back to listening to Jarrad’s book Love, Life, God-The Journey of Creation, and it is making a profound shift in me. I don’t know how to explain it really. But I just feel like I have sooo much space. I feel like I can zoom out and get new perspectives.
– Diana

I loooooooove the whole enchilada of what the two of you do. Soooooooo amazing to me!! * I love the weekly calls, makes me feel like I'm hanging out with good friends :)) …The energy in the weekly calls always puts me in such a great mood. I love how i could actually FEEEEEEL you working on me/us, and I love that my eating habits have totally changed
– Rasa

I love how I feel comfortable with myself being "quiet" :)
- R.S.

I ordered the Ultimate Gift and I had such phenomenal results in December. Here are several examples I had the second week. My emotions were no longer strongly affecting my body. One example was my dog did something that always really irritates me, and I just kind of went “arrrgh!”and then it was gone. I feel my emotions and can respond to them, but they don’t linger. Another example was that I started receiving guidance in mydreams. Several nightmarish dreams that occurred repeatedly for me in the past suddenly reoccurred and right in the dream I just said, “No! I’m not going there” and “Poof” no more dream.
– Diana P

I had surgery right at the beginning and healed much faster than expected (according to the Dr.) and didn't take as much pain medication as some people need...although accepting that it was ok to need it/want it was also something I looked at. My relationship with my daughter improved greatly. We are communicating more and there is so much less tension. And she just brought home her Honor Roll certificate after we struggled with her grades in the beginning of the year. I started exercising easily and eating less. I chose to listen to my own rhythms rather than having others tell me when was the best time to exercise/eat what to eat etc. and it all became easy. I felt calm and centered even in a room full of people and their kids. ;) I really felt held and loved the entire month as well.
– Megan

I was enrolled in your last program Ultimate Gift and my income doubled!!!
And I welcomed new awesome clients into my business. I became aligned with my business message, too. What a gift! Also in December, I noticed there was more flow in my life and with theholidays. I felt peace inside and out. I also felt closer to my partner. What a gift! Sending you both a hug!

– Vicki

First let me just say that the energy and insights that Jarrad and Dr. Kim bring to every call is beyond explanation. My hands vibrate and my I am so uplifted. I have such clarity and a new found Joy and Peace as I have been taught by these two incredible teachers to CHOOSE the higher more expansive states of Joy and Love. I love how simple but profound your teachings are. They are easy to apply and they WORK!! I love the energy I fell on live calls and the meditations that are included are powerful. I love you guys. You have truly facilitated my ascension to the highest potency of divine love and reminding me that I CHOOSE my reality and can CHOOSE again if what I see is not as I wish to experience. POWEFUL!! EFFECTIVE!! REAL TEACHERS THAT EMPOWER YOU TO LIVE ALL THAT YOU DREAM OF! Thank you with all my heart!! Much love to both of you!
- Lise from Memphis TN

I am still using the meditations and downloads frequently and it's a great way to start the day or go to sleep by. Sometimes I put them on a loop during the nite. I wake up fresh and clear and more focused for the day. I have new opportunities to be seen and heard. Alot of fear is gone. Years ago I had breast cancer and closed off my heart to myself and that love has been awakened in a new and powerful way. Lots of tears of joy and laughter everyday!!!
– Nancy

I loved the fact that you guys did all the work and I just sat back and received!
I didn't have to take any additional time out of my already super busy December schedule to reap the benefits. I didn't get a chance to be on all of the Live calls during the month, but I did get them downloaded to listen to later. I was a little worried at first because I had never had remote energy work done before so I didn't know what to expect; I was worried it might make me tired or spacey and I definitely didn't have time for that. I never felt either of those, what I felt was this amazing calmness and peacefulness. And yes, I was constantly waiting for the feeling to go away especially since my holidays are always full of family drama.
This year there was still the drama, but I didn't get caught up in it. I kept thinking that I was the eye of the hurricane, calm and peaceful, while the rest of my family was causing their normal chaos and devastation! It was probably the best Christmas I have had since I was a child.. The calmness and peacefulness have not gone away and though I doubt it means anything to anybody else, to me it is priceless!
Thank you both for sharing your gifts with me and with the world! In Blessings and Grace,

- Nikki

i feel a lot more peace and calm in my day-to-day. i don't take things as personally. and i no longer have that prior inclination of strife or fighting to be right or to make others understand my views. it's also a kind of stillness where i don't have that urge or pressured need to do anything.
– Jay

The program was aptly named because it was ultimately a profound Gift to Myself. The beginning of the month, I was still completely wrapped up in my mind and by the end of the month I was functioning from my Heart! I loved the energy work of Ultimate Gift. I could feel the energy working at various times of the day opening up different parts of my body andenergy field. I wanted a rapid leap forward and that is exactly what I received during the month, and I love my new set point!
- P.R.

This was the most awesome gift that I could have gifted myself. I have gone from seeing no easy way to change my life, to actually manifesting what I want with ease and Joy. I no longer wake up each day wondering what else can I do or give up so I can maybe turn my life around. Now I wake up each day to what do I want to create today, my heart is dancing with excitement of all the possibilities.
– Susan

Wow, am I grateful to be in your 28 day program! You and Kimberly are true gifts—thank you and many blessings!
- Kathy C.

Hi Jarrad and Dr. Kim. I just wanted to send you a quick message to let you
> know that I just got done listening to the creating the relationship of
> your dreams download and let me just tell you, "You absolutely wonderfully
> and out-of-this-world blew away!! I have never cried so much and never
> have I felt such energy just flow thru me. I'm grateful for you and the
> universe. I feel so much love right now because of you.. I love you so
> much! You are such a gift! Unbelievably Amazing! Hugs,

- Bernadette

The energies that you two run and the orangish golden honey process is AMAZING! I think that is the only time I have ever felt my body totally relax!!! You two are amazing, and Jarrad, your sense of love and caring just radiates!! Kim, your passion for what you do is awesome! (I love science too ; ) I appreciate and am sooooo gratful to you both! Your enthusiasm for helping to raise the energetic frequencies of all of is is so greatly need right now, and your heartfelt desire to help is simply magnificent !!!
– Sal

I am so very grateful for your support
– Dawn

Whenever things have gotten tense or stressful during the last few weeks, I just turn on Jarrad's Release Everything or Creating Your Ideal Relationship MP3's on a loop. I go back to a dreamy and calm place. One night it was snowing and I sit and work near a window. I played those MP3's and the night was MAGICAL!
I listen to Dr. Kim's tracks while I sleep. I know they are working as I integrate the frequencies.

– Debbie

Even though I am an old soul with a strong energy field, the work done by Kimberly and Jarrad has had an effect on me. I work in a stressful job situation as a software engineer and feeling their added energy daily has calmed the waters and added longer moments of clarity as well as focus. I know when the work is being done because I get tingling and pressure in my third eye and throughout my head area. I even feel like I am floating at various times. I am impressed by Jarrad and Kimberly's abilities and talents. I am grateful that they are now a part of my life and being.

- Melinda

First of all I want to say thank you! And then WOW. My biggest breakthrough was to be free of fibromyalgia and to go to my Dr and get off the medication for it… I am raising my vibration and learning to trust the universe and loving myself. The feeling of love in my chest is so beautiful. I love you and Kim and thank you so much. I feel myself comming forward.
– Johnna

Your work is just phenomenal! The ease you deal with energies would impress even famous Energy Masters...
– Lilia

I love you so much, I thank God for you every day.* You two are love!!* You are beautiful conduits for God's love, and you unselfishly pour it on everyone & everything without giving it a second thought. And you keep expanding & becoming more love! Dr. Kim & Jarrad fill our hearts with unconditional love every day, the feeling I've longed for my whole life but could never quite find ... You have heard that God has your picture on His refrigerator? Well, so do Dr. Kim & Jarrad - *but you can email them questions* - how do ya like them apples?
– Laura

I am so thankful that I am now able to allow the energy of another without accepting the energy as mine. A co-worker shared her sadness with me today and usually I start to cry or feel choked up. This time I gave her a hug and just listened with an open heart. I am grateful!
- Joe

Every time I listen to Jarrad and Kimberly on calls/teleseminars, I feel like I'm at a high-energy party. It's such a great way to connect to and keep that energy flowing!! The past few days I have been on a creative upswing... as in actually making things. I've had ideas that had been on my to-do list for quite some time but had just not gotten around to them. I'm looking forward to creating more from my "list!"
- Linda

Thank you Jarrad and Kim ~ I feel very loved and honored to be here. And am in deep appreciation for giving myself this gift when the echo in my head from the matrix told me I was foolish and could not afford it. Deep breath and exhaling sound!
I will be jumping up and down, celebrating, choosing again, and requesting the most benevolent outcomes in the week ahead! :) Much love to you all!

- Nancy

For the first time in my meditation, I experienced a point of stillness. Exciting!!!
- CG

Special offer by Dr. Kimberly & Jarrad Hewett
A Total Retail Value of $11,780
From Heartache to Joy
Yours for Only $297
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