Dr. Kimberly has practiced naturopathic medicine for over 20 years and worked as an intuitive life coach and energy healer for the last 10 years. Dr. Kimberly, a high level healer is currently taking limited, private clients and is teaching classes across the country.

She now exclusively practices energy medicine, is a vibrational catalyst and sought after speaker. She is committed to facilitating consciousness and raising vibration around the globe. Trained in many different modalities and in the shortest amount of time, she remains committed to facilitating the greatest amount of transformation in her clients.

Jarrad Hewett is a gifted healer who has worked with some of the biggest and most recognizable names in the self-help and spiritual movement. He is the bestselling author of Love, Life, God: The Journey of Creation, as well as the co-author of the #1 International Best-seller, The Big E - Everything is Energy. Through his work, he seeks to help others reconnect with their own inner guidance, wisdom, and peace. His goal is to empower all of creation by sharing his personal humor and insight.
Jarrad was born clairvoyant and clairaudient with the gift to see all forms of energy. Raised in a strict, conservative home, Jarrad was taught to hide his gifts. Religion told him that he was flawed, broken, and wrong. As he grew, this manifested in becoming morbidly obese by the age of 9. In his early twenties, he suffered from debilitating heart problems that often landed him in the Emergency room. Crippled by anxiety and depression, wracked with guilt and disease, and believing his heart condition was going to kill him, he finally surrender to the realization that everything is energy.

Today Jarrad is a whole new person having transcended all his past stories of disease and disharmony. Jarrad is one of the most powerful and brilliant healers, writers, and channels on the planet. Jarrad provides an awe-inspiring view of God, Consciousness and what it means to be alive. Constant as the ever-present moment of now is our Source Self, and Jarrad's message is a living embodiment to that concept. Understanding how to reach and operate from that center are the keys to uniting and healing not just a fractured culture, but a fractured self. By tapping into our authentic self, we begin to see in life-altering ways that through our own actions, in-actions, thoughts, beliefs, how our world has come into being.

Jarrad charts new territory not only with his casual, fun, conversation-style of healing, but also with the profundity and in-depth explanations of how the Law of Attraction actually works, why it sometimes appears not to work, and how every single subject in our lives all relates back to one simple subject: Love. He powerfully demonstrates the full potential of love and conscious creatorship in ways that will astound, astonish, and leave you breathlessly moved.

Jarrad takes his audience on an adventure to explore not only the self and one's own creation, but the role of the self in the overall creation and experience of the universe as well. Most importantly, he empowers everyone to live in the now and shows in life-altering ways how to truly love oneself.

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I know you feel like have come out of a pressure cooker of energies! 2012 was hard for a lot of people on the planet due to the massive amounts of energy that was designed for transformation. While it was for our highest good, the process of change can be very, very uncomfortable!

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Internationally known Intuitive Energy Healer Dr. Kimberly McGeorge N.D. and Best-Selling Author and Acclaimed Channel Jarrad Hewett are offering you the Incredible Experience of The Infinite Love of You Beginning in February.

During the FULL MONTH of February, BOTH Dr. Kimberly and Jarrad will be channeling massive amounts of Unconditional Love and Energy directedSOLELY AT THIS GROUP!!

They will immerse themselves to create the MOST EXPANSIVE, SUSTAINABLE shift you've EVER EXPERIENCED.

You've felt the energy on LIVE Calls, NOW, feel what it's like to have this MASSIVE energy flowing to you and through you as you learn to tap into the INFINITE LOVE of you!

BOTH Jarrad and Dr. Kimberly will be working on YOUR energy remotely for 15 minutes a day EVERY SINGLE DAY during this program. That totals 2 individual sessions, for 28 days - an incredible over 14 HOURS of total energy work!

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A once in a lifetime opportunity for YOU to allow old wounds to fall away and instead FEEL what it feels like to live in a space of total Divine Love where you are READY and OPEN to RECEIVE the Infinite Love and Abundance the Universe has to offer.

It doesn't matter which areas you're seeking balance, resolution, improvement and higher vibrational resonance, LOVE is always the answer!

Over the whole month of February, you'll gain access to 4 more Amazing and in-depth 90 minute LIVE calls designed to be frequency raising LOVE calls - LOADED with amazing energy and remote frequencies, where you'll get to call in and explore and play in this vast, expansive, celebratory energy of 2013.

These calls will be SPECIFICALLY geared towards opening this group to the full-on, infinite vibrations of Source Energy as well as maintaining FULL ON SUPPORT throughout the entire month of February and are ONLY for this group.

This program will kick-off with an incredibly high frequency LIVE 90 minute healing call with BOTH Jarrad and Dr. Kimberly on February 4th, 2012. They will take you further than you ever thought you could go as they create a space of Instant Awakening and Love.

You will literally FEEL your vibrations rising while BOTH Jarrad and Dr. Kimberly do intense work for everyone on the call AND take LIVE questions to help heal and bring clarity to the questions most important to YOU!

Each call will create an amazing space of Love, Forgiveness, Instant Awareness, and Miracles in which Dr. Kimberly will use her gifts as an Intuitive Energy Healer and frequency MASTER to help raise the vibration of everyone on the call while Jarrad will be present to channel information and energy relevant to EVERYONE listening and to help bring about the biggest and most spectacular changes possible - individually and collectively!

They will also be taking FULL ADVANTAGE of the collective ENERGY of Valentine's Day and the world-wide FOCUS on loving relationships as YOU ground in the AMAZING energy of 2013: including love, high vibrancy, celebration, wholeness, and abundance.

Can you imagine what this amazing month could unfold for you?

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The four 90 minute Live Calls and intense daily energy work are only the beginning!!
Jarrad and Dr. Kim have thrown in incredibly valuable bonuses...that's how serious they are about supporting you through this rare time!

Dr. Kimberly is OFFERING her brand new, never before released
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This Channeled Series was created specifically for this program and has never been offered anywhere before. It was created to Awaken your inner magnificence and outer abilities by activating and opening your natural energy bodies, fields, chakras, and systems.

Experience two of Dr. Kimberly's ALL NEW ,exclusive Brain Entrainment and Frequency Tracks:

DETOX:The first is designed to help you detox on all levels and includes specific frequencies designed to eliminate heavy metals and purge other toxins that can hold 3D matrix programming in the body.

HEAL: Her second all new track, Freedom From Anxiety and Fear, was created to help heal old relationship wounds and enable you to dive freely into creating the world you desire: a world where you are totally cherished, loved... a world in which you feel peace, harmony, wellness, wholeness, and Divine Connection!

Brand New Feature Program:
VisionScapes TM
Calling in your soul mate!!

A powerful new way to actualize what you desire into your physical reality....NOW If you are looking to forever change your relationships and open up to the highest frequencies of love, support, unity, and expansion, this is the program for you!

For the first time ever, Jarrad has added the power of brain entrainment technology to his new series Energy Journeys. This amazing 20 minute Healing and Meditative Session is set to music and layered with some of the most potent and POWERFUL energy Jarrad has channeled to date.

These Amazing Energy Journeys mark a powerful new advance in Jarrad's work and are being offered as downloads for the FIRST TIME EVER during this program.

The first of the series, the Release Everything healing journey, can be listened to over and over again to help you release WHATEVER is limiting you in the creation and experience of love.

Wherever you get stuck, Whatever holds you back, Learn to Release it NOW !

The second in this series of brand new Energy Recordings, this powerful 16 minute meditation and creation session is filled with the frequencies of self-love, confidence, truth, beauty, joy, radiance, acceptance, and celebration.

Whether you are currently in a relationship or seeking the partner of your dreams, this guided journey was created to help you bring the relationship of your dreams into physical reality.

FEEL what it feels like to be held, cherished, and loved by yourself, by the world, and by your partner!

One of Jarrad's most popular items: A Mediation and Healing Journey.

This Channeled meditation and healing session takes you beyond this physical existence and into All That You Are so that you are able to create change on All Levels.

This Guided journey also includes a POWERFUL meditation on "frequency imaging" that includes tips on physically creating reality.

NOTE: When Listening to these two deeply healing Guided Meditations, the most prudent advice is to review this material diligently and with an open heart.

With repeated listening, comes new understanding and insight that can best be summed up as an unending series of gifts and epiphanies. Time and time again, new "aha" moments will unfold, leading to a deeper healing and more comprehensive understanding of Self.

Mass programming events, such as Valentine's Day, can often trigger old and deep patterns or beliefs. This conditioning further reinforces the desire to review all of the material in this course over many listening.

One of the most powerful and brilliant messages you'll ever hear!!!

This special frequency encoded audio version of Jarrad's International Best-Seller contains some of the highest frequencies felt on this plane!!!

The text itself provides an awe-inspiring view of God, consciousness, and what it means to be alive. It powerfully demonstrates the full potential of love and conscious creatorship in ways that will astonish, inspire, and leave you breathlessly moved.

No subject is off limits in this exploration of thoughts, energy, and the science that brings them together. Constant as the ever-present moment of now is our Source Self, and Love, Life, God fully illustrates that concept. Understanding how to reach and operate from that center are the keys to uniting and healing not just a fractured culture, but a fractured self. By tapping into who we really are, we begin to see in life-altering ways that through our own actions, thoughts, beliefs, etc, just how our world (and our perspective of that world) has come into being. On this journey, Jarrad also shows in clear and irrevocable ways how to change the world through changing the Self.

Coded with massively expansive frequencies, this special audio version is like having your own personal energy library to visit time and time again!!


For every Ultimate Valentine package purchased through this offer, Dr. Kimberly will be giving away a sample of her BRAND NEW beyond frequency

Essential Oil Blend: "4" This is her blend of 4 Thieves that saved many people from the black plague. It strengthens the immune system and protects from viruses and bacteria. Diffused into the air, it is also effective in killing most airborne pathogens. This special blend is also sealed in a sacred geometry template to exponentially increase its power and effectiveness. In order to receive your oil, please forward your receipt to Dr. Kimberly at dr.kim.ste@gmail.com

The Total Value of This Program, including the combined half hour a day of remote energy work, PLUS all of the brand new content, has a value in excess of $8,500.00

An entire Healing Library of virtually all new material from two of today's most leading edge, new-energy healers-

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