May 1, 2019

Breaking Through with Janice Noehulani!

It’s the 1st day of May and FHTJ is already kicking off the Month with a BIG bang! That’s right… today Janice Noehulani joined Eram in conversation to introduce her BRAND NEW program: BREAKTHROUGH – BE Your Most POWERFUL Self & AWAKEN THE HEALER WITHIN!

Janice is FULL OF LIFE ENERGY and when you listen to her speak… it just radiates and you can’t help but feel empowered! One of her favorite things in the whole wide world is helping people just like you FEEL POWERFUL in their life by opening up their intuition so they know they can TRUST their instincts, TRUST that the universe is supporting them, TRUST that everything they are doing is bringing them to their most POTENT SELF and AMAZING LIFE.

This is why she created this INCREDIBLE program… when you read what ALL happens when you join this journey with Janice, you will see how EVERYTHING changes and positive things start to happen almost immediately! You can see this by reading ALL the amazing testimonials >>> HERE <<<.

“I manifested $111,000 and grew my business! This work is amazing and a game changer!” ~ Stephanie


Once you BREAKTHROUGH all the illusions of not being worthy or telling yourself that this can NEVER happen for me… you will BEGIN to see the changes that you have desperately desired YOUR entire life!!! Results like this are possible for YOU… you just have to believe!!!!

In fact, You would NEVER be afraid if YOU knew ALL the Energies and Guides… are here to help you ALL THE TIME! Janice’s work helps to UNCOVER the shadowed and hidden parts of YOUR being that beg to be noticed and SET FREE!

Whatever package you choose… you get the 4 Weeks of Live Group Video/ Call Conferencing!!! This is an INCREDIBLE opportunity to DIVE DEEP with Janice and unlock ALL your potential!!! If you want to go a little deeper… jump on the special pricing right now for her 1:1 sessions… YOU will LOVE working with Janice 1:1!!!! 

*Limited Time Offer* Get 2 Sessions for the price of 1 in Package C


But hurry, classes begin on Wednesday May 15th @ 7pm mst and meets at the same time every Wed at 7pm for 6 weeks!

By the way, are you already a member of the FHTJ Community?  If not, all you have to do is click here to join their Facebook Group! There are so many amazing posts and there is a ton of valuable information shared from countless healers on a regular basis that you don’t want to miss out on! As a matter of fact, almost daily you can receive some type of healing from one of the healers who have posted some remote energy that they want to share with the amazing FHTJ Facebook Group! So what are you waiting for… join the fun today!

Bonus: If you are a member of the FHTJ Facebook Group, you can also score a FREE Session with one of our Brand New up and coming Superstar Healers! Yep, we offer a Backstage Pass to 10 members when we want to introduce a new healer and get some honest feedback! It’s the perfect way to get to work with a healer 1:1 without spending any $$$$! All you have to do in return is provide HONEST feedback and a testimonial if it is justified! How cool is that??? Totally Cool!

If you were on the Live Call today, I would LOVE to hear about your experience in the comments below! Janice Noehulani is a Living In Light Healer & Teacher, Soul Path Visionary, Shamanic Love Coach, and Energy Medicine Practitioner with the ability to see into your and your ancestors’ past, present and FUTURE! There have been a ton of people who have worked with her prior to this call and they have been raving about their incredible results and her amazing healings… so if you are one of these lucky people and have worked with her before or maybe you know of somebody who has, please share that experience in the comments below! As always, if you missed this amazing call… just click here to listen to the replay now! 

See You Next Time,
Tracey  ღ

Did you know that over 80% of Americans are suffering from stress, pain or are unhappy in their current situations? I know, that’s a staggering number, but honestly I am not shocked. Life can sometimes be overwhelming for some of us and a lot of us take on way more than we can handle… that’s just a fact! This is why FHTJ has been such a blessing for so many people out there. It gives us the opportunity to heal ourselves naturally and awakens our senses to the possibilities of the unknown. Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise… but definitely not one to ignore!”