Join Me On This Journey ….

Hello, my name is Tracey and just like many of you I was curious and wanted to explore the other side of life. With so many stories and ideas about spiritual healing and the many benefits it has … I decided I needed to know more, a lot more! Then I stumbled across From Heartache To Joy and I was intrigued … maybe captivated is a better description. Either way, I was drawn in by the different speakers and all their amazing abilities to help people. Hearing all those people calling in and talking about their own personal experiences was just incredible! I can see why they call it From Heartache To Joy … I felt the pain some of these callers were talking about and I listened as they told their stories and the outcome left me speechless, well maybe not speechless because I always have something to say, but it made me really think about life and all the possibilities out there. I even found myself wondering why anybody would live in pain when there is so much help out there? All they have to do is just ask for it! I am always searching for answers, whether it be through spiritual healing or something just as powerful … I want to find out who I am and how I can be the best version of myself! Now don’t get me wrong, I know there are no quick fixes in life … but what if there was a way to work on improving my overall health, my sexual desires and my general well-being one step at a time with a little guidance? At first I was skeptical, I won’t lie. It’s kinda like checking your horoscope each day thinking it is just for you (yeah okay, I still check mine every day too!). Truth is, we all need a little push to escape that barrier we have created in our own lives that unintentionally is holding us back. That’s where this new blog comes in … I want to explore the world that so many other people are talking about and I want to experience these great gifts that FHTJ is offering!

And so the the journey begins …. let’s do this together and discover what all this is truly about! After all, life is one big journey and we should embrace everything the world has to offer!

I look forward to sharing my thoughts with each and every one of you. I believe life should be lived in a simple way … pain free. And that is why I want to share this experience with others! I hope you enjoy reading this blog and please feel free to share your experiences or comments on any or all of the blogs! I honestly love hearing about other people’s personal journey’s and I will try to answer as many questions as possible that you may have along the way!

Like the ocean, every wave has a story! So come on … let’s start this journey together!