May 15, 2019

Receiving 24/7 Energy Transmissions for Effortless Healing with Sanjay Nimar!

Sanjay Nimar is fast becoming one of the most POWERFUL healers on the planet, with over 400 Google-verified 5 star reviews from clients all over the world. With guidance from some of the most advanced spiritual teachers in history, along with over 50,000 hours of his own practices, Sanjay has gained immense wisdom and spiritual powers over the years!

Just by using his incredible scientific and spiritual knowledge… Sanjay has engineered an unprecedented healing system that heals the body and mind with particles of life energy that are… remotely transmitted from the Himalayas 24/7 to a person anywhere on the planet!

His new program is designed to help you and your loved ones break free from anxiety and depression! It’s even an excellent program for children too!

Maybe you’re are wondering why you just can’t lift yourself or your loved one out of this state by yourself? Well, asking yourself or someone you love who’s deeply depressed to start doing a lot of meditation and spiritual work… is an unrealistic expectation!

You will find out why we are not supposed to live life in a constant state of anxiety and depression… and you will finally understand the root cause of anxiety and depression and how it gets setup in our consciousness at a very young age! Just listen to the replay now!

Plus, you will learn how a constant state of anxiety and depression disrupts the flow of life energy through our Chakras! (and how this cuts us off from our own source of life force… resulting in a vicious downwards spiral which eventually destroys our body, mind, finances and relationships!)

Sanjay’s program is the only one in the world that provides all these ingredients for you to succeed. Following the program will do the following:

  • Uproot the beliefs that keep you locked into a state of constant struggle.
  • Increase Self Worth that will allow you to absorb more good in your life.

This then starts a positive cycle which turns around a person’s life in a positive direction. Everything starts to fall in place… ALL aspects of life start to heal and rejuvenate!

If you have worked with Sanjay before or maybe you know of somebody who has, please share that experience in the comments below! As always, if you missed this amazing call… just click here to listen to the replay now!

The 24/7 nature of the energy transmissions provide 24 hours / 7 days of positive state of energy, helping you up out of a negative state without any effort!

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See You Next Time,
Tracey  ღ

Did you know that over 80% of Americans are suffering from stress, pain or are unhappy in their current situations? I know, that’s a staggering number, but honestly I am not shocked. Life can sometimes be overwhelming for some of us and a lot of us take on way more than we can handle… that’s just a fact! This is why FHTJ has been such a blessing for so many people out there. It gives us the opportunity to heal ourselves naturally and awakens our senses to the possibilities of the unknown. Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise… but definitely not one to ignore!”