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If you or any of your friends have been unlucky in love and are ready to align
your energy in order to attract true love, then joining this free 3-week love
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Finding the love you desire isn't as far away as you think! Through our live calls and group clear-ings and activations, you can quickly heal yourself and release blocks, so you are able to clear the path for true love.

What if you were able to tap into the hidden powers of the universe, and unleash a life beyond your dreams?

My friends, this is TOTALLY possible.

If you are ready to have it all, then this love series is the answer! I am even willing to challenge: You will create meaningful change in your love life just by listening to our daily calls for 3 weeks! Why do I believe this? Because I hear it from our listeners each and every day.

Here is what people are saying about our love series healers:

  • "I experienced one of the biggest energy shifts and biggest life shifts I ever have with an energy healer."
    Anna M. - Michigan
  • "I confided that I've met a man who feels very much like a soulmate, like a man who definitely could meet me, see me, appreciate me and receive me. It feels very much like the give and take, and mutual acceptance, I desire to create in relationship."
    Susan E. - New York
  • "There was so much that we did however it led to healing in my relationship with my dad! YAY!! I really want to thank you so much. This is really a miracle. Thank you and blessings"
    Sandy S.
  • "Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me find self love and find my soulmate. I was losing hope but the audios are very powerful. For all the people out there wanting to find love one word of advice Don't give up!!"
    Jenny Clark - Paris
  • Thank you for showing me that the cold relationship with my father stems from our relationship centuries ago and that we are able to heal all the past hurt in the present lifetime. I felt like I was talking to a long time friend during our session and that made me even more receptive to what you had to say. I cannot say "Thank You" enough."
    Nev - Brooklyn, NY

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Every speaker in our love series tele-summit is a renowned healer, and a true master of em-powerment. I know precisely how to bring out the most POWERFUL, LIFE-CHANGING tools, techniques, and secrets from within them.

Intuitive healer, medium and Awakening Facilitator
Trained in Clinical Psychology, Holistic Therapy and Family Constellations, Speaker, Author & Teacher
Facilitator of Divine Transformation
Professional Intuitive Counselor, Priestess of Possibility & Your Cosmic Cheerleader
Multi-sensory Clairvoyant Intuitive & Medium
Award winning author of ‘Cosmic Ordering Made Easier - How to get more of what you want, more often’
Transformational Healer and Creator of "the Goddess Activation"
Author of Best-Selling Books, #1 Best Seller Love, Life, God: The Journey of Creation,Multi-Dimensional Channel and Energy
Lanna Spencer 40 years experience - Multi-dimensional Soul Awakening, 5D psychic, healing & dream work
Multi-dimensional Energy Worker, Theta Healer and Life Coach
Transformational Coach, Spiritual Teacher and International speaker in the field of higher consciousness

Our renowned speakers will help you in

Understanding Love
Discover the Route to Finding Your Ideal Love Relationship
Clear Your Path to Love
Heal Patterns and Remove Blocks to Transform the Love in Your Life
Manifest the Love You Deserve
Stop Settling and Find the Real LoveYou Desire

This series is your unprecedented chance to transform your experience with love and manifest your greatest desires. You may never have another opportunity like this, ever again.

Join Me and the world's top masters and healers on love and relationships.

  • "...Amazed at the shifts taking place. Most powerful series i have ever come across!"