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What if completely reprograming and shifting your vibration to Abundance, Freedom and Joy could happen in

Would you want to know more? Creating the life you desire isn't as hard as you think! By implementing the 3 steps in the FREE Activation
you can quickly heal your life and release the blocks that are holding you back, so you are able to create the life you desire. Imagine if you
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I'm Here to Tell You it is TOTALLY POSSIBLE!
When you start following these 3 steps you immediately change your reality…

Step 1

Say YES to YOU!

The first step in changing your reality is to say yes to you. Be committed to shifting your vibration and transforming your life. Give yourself the gift of signing up for our global telesummit, From Heartache to Joy.

Step 2

Begin the Transformation Process

The moment you say yes to you by signing up for the telesummit, you will have IMMEDIATE ACCESS to some of the BEST resources in the world through our Activation Kit.

This kit includes

Step 3

Reprogram Your Energetic Frequency

This is the step that is truly magical! By listening to our FREE calls every day and immersing yourself in the energy, you have the power to completely shift and reprogram your energy. This is the step that creates lasting change. Plus, you also receive daily gifts from our healers and experts that you can download and listen to again and again. Talk about TRANSFORMATION!

If you are committed to having it all, then this telesummit is the answer!

I am even willing to challenge: You will create meaningful change in all areas of your life just by listening to our daily calls! Why do I believe this? Because I hear this over and over again from our listeners.

Don't believe me?

img Listen to what Jack Canfield has to say about
From Heartache to Joy:

The number one success coach in the world, featured star of the hit movie "the secret" and co-creator of the chicken soup for the soul series, talk about how From Heartache to Joy is helping people transform their lives across the globe!

From Heartache to Joy brings you cutting edge products, information and tools that can
completely change your life. We are committed to enhancing our offers to you.

That's why we are the ONLY tele summit that offers FREE downloadable gifts from many of
our healers! This happens almost daily and are yours to keep and listen to over and over again!!


Instantly Download Your Activation Kit with $297!

Plus Don't forget the extra FREE gifts from our healers which you will receive EVERY DAY of the call and are yours to keep and listen to over and over again!



The FREE energetic healings and clearings we offer will help you TRANSFORM and allow youto live a life beyond your dreams!

How can I make such a claim? Because I was there too! I used these exact tools to go from being divorced, broke and miserable to having a life of joy, peace, love and abundance in just 7 months.

I'm now living my passion with a dream career & business that has made me millions in just a few short years. And I couldn't be more joyous, alive, free, and happy.

And now it's your turn!

Are You Ready?

Every speaker in the Telesummit is a renowned healer, and a true master of empowerment. And I promise to bring out the most POWERFUL, LIFE-CHANGING tools, techniques, and secrets from within them, to help you change your life.

You won't hear the thought provoking and compelling questions I ask anywhere else.

This is an unprecedented chance to reach the absolute pinnacle of your spiritual strength, achieve your maximum flow, and manifest your greatest desires. You may never have another opportunity like this, ever again.

I'm going to be totally honest with you right now …
Many people have tried this "type of stuff" in the past and STILL feel stuck.
Why? Because the 'high' or momentum and motivation simply dies out after a while… and they go back to their old 'default' ways of struggling and suffering.

For years and years their spiritual frequency has been set to a certain level, and it's only natural that they 'default' back to that frequency. That means just a few days of doing this stuff won't bring the permanent change you need! That's why my FREE daily telesummit is the 3rd and final step YOU MUST TAKE for total TRANSFORMATION.

My telesummit will take care of this most critical and final, default-breaking step for you to give you absolute permanent change!

And it's totally FREE!

Each day you can call in for free and listen to me interview one of 50+ highly sought after healers, teachers and thought leaders that will stretch your mind and spirit until you can't possibly stay the same.

So are you ready to meet your
healers and teachers?

Check out our A-List of Thought-leaders, Intuitives, Healers, Universal Law Masters and Empowerment Teachers Below:


Andie DePass

Intuitive healer, medium and Awakening Facilitator


Brandy Gillmore

Motivational Speaker, Author, and Mind/Body & Energy Expert


Brent Phillips

A successful MIT-trained engineer, Certified Instructor and Theta Healing Practitioner


Chaim Alexander

Teacher, Mentor, Assisting People to Transform and Thrive


Cathy Hohmeyer

Nourishing Your Multidimensional Body


Christina Kramer

Angelic Channel of Mother Mary and the Divine Feminine


Claudia Gittens

Intuitive Healer, Spiritual Teacher and Creator of the Birth & Re-birth Healing System


Curry Glassell

Billionaire's Daughter, Single Mom & Wealth Energy Expert


Dipal Shah

International speaker, Medical and Emotional Intuit


Dr. Jean Logan

Director at Holy Ground Farm, Inc., Best Selling Author, Intuitive


Dr. Karen Kan

Spiritual Medicine Expert & Founder of the TOLPAKAN (TM) Healing Method


Ellie Drew

Renowned "Practical Mystic" on Conscious Manifesting that Works!


Esther Bartkiw

Transformational Energy Healer, Conscious and Ascension Guide


Helena Das

Ecstatic Energy Weaver & Embodiment Coach, and Cosmic Cowgirl


Inna Van Der Velden

An Acupuncturist, An International Instructor of the Unique “Five Elements Rejuvenation System©”


Janet Doerr

The Intuitive Nutritionista : Gifted medical intuitive and channel


Jenny Ngo

Transformational Energy Healer, Energy Intuitive, & Entity Clearing and Healing Expert


Jill Mattson

Prolific Artist, Musician, Author and Composer in the field of Sound Healing!


Karen Heywood

Transformational Healer, Emotional Transformer & Multi-D Energetic Clearing


Kathy Ranford

Multidimensional clairesentient facilitating new consciousness awakenings


Lanna Spencer

Lanna Spencer 40 years experience - Multi-dimensional Soul Awakening, 5D psychic, healing & dream work


Lottie Cooper

Multi-dimensional Energy Worker, NCMBT Massage Therapist, Theta Healer, Life Coach


Mary Knight

#1 National Bestselling Author, Dating and Relationship Coach, Teacher and Public Speaker


Matt Andrews

Facilitator and Channel of ManTarA's Transformational Angelic Light Language


Nancy Jean Mirales

Evolutionary Quantum Heart Healer & Creatrix of Sacred Soul Evolution


Nidhu Kapoor

Awakened Doctor and The Keeper of Keys to your health and wealth


Niky Rey

Creatrix of the Quantum Healing Modality "P.I.C.N.I.C. Code", Journalist, Author


Patti Sexton

Intuitive Healer, Reiki Master, Specialized in making Personalized Oil Blends, Chakra Oil Kits


Peg Rose

Licensed Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner, Inter-Dimensional Work, Human Design Facilitator for Abundance


Rann Goldrich

Universal Coder, Facilitator of Happiness, Master Palmist, High Functioning Intuitive


Sam Morris

Zen Warrior Training to Relax into your Safety, Power & Freedom


Sherry Swatek

Clairvoyant, multidimensional integration, entrepreneur & spiritual teacher


Simone Valentine

Intuitive Spiritual Life Coach


Stacey Mayo

Master Level Medical Intuitive and Teacher of Medical Intuitives


Stewart Pearce

Legendary adviser to Royalty and Oscar Winners, Angelic Wisdom Channel


Tarek Bibi

Facilitator of Divine Transformation


Trish Kling

I intuitively guide you, with the help of Spirit, to rise above your challenges and return you to your HIGHER SELF where you can be at home in your own heart.


Varena DeCuir

Master Soul Path Healer, Etheric Visionary, BioMatrix Blueprint Schematics Initiations,


Veronica Entwistle

World Reknowned Spiritual Teacher, Medical Intuitive, Gifted multi-dimensional channel


Virginia Rounds Griffiths

International Multi-Dimensional Energy Alchemist, Teacher and Intuitive

Our renowned speakers will help you in



Problems with money, relationships or health RELEASED to allow a life of abundance, joy and health.



Addiction to toxic relationships HEALED to feel cherished and loved in validating relationships!



Dealing with chaos and lack and feeling powerless TRANSFORMED to a life of balance and empowerment!



Stuck in limiting patterns and feeling blocked RELEASED to experience easy and joy all the time, every time!



Issues around career and financial abundance TRANSFORMED within a short period of time into a flow of effortless abundance!



Feeling unloved, unworthy and un-important to FEELING worthy, on purpose and sharing your gifts with the world while receiving all your good!

Still haven't signed up yet?

Maybe hearing from our listeners will help you make that decision:

"Been to an eye doctor to have tests done my pressure was very high this call invoked me to place my hands over my eyesback to normal levels"

I am writing to say Thank You for sharing this powerful energy of love and healing! I listened to the show the other day and had a profound experience in many ways, on a physical level I had been to an eye doctor to have tests done for high optic nerve pressure a week ago after being told in April that my pressure was very high so I had started seeing a specialist because Glaucoma runs in my family history. During Tuesdays call I used the healing energy that this call invoked in me to place my hands on my eyes, Wed. I went and had my eye pressure tested again and it was back to normal levels. I also purchased the beautiful meditation package and am just amazed how lovingly powerful they have been for me each time I listen. The energy pulsating through my body or the deepest sense of release and relaxation only to be left with a profound feeling of empowerment and bliss. Thank you for sharing these gifts I am so grateful to you both! I feel truly blessed!...been to an eye doctor to have tests done my pressure was very high this call invoked me to place my hands over my eyes back to normal levels


"Soul's transformation could not have begun without you..."

This soul's transformation could not have begun to happen without you sent by Divine Love and Light. I am eternally grateful to the Ever present for knowing you, Eram, a kindred, beautiful and glorious manifestation of the All. Thank you for your help. Thank you from the depths of my heart. Love, Joy, Peace and Abundance to you and your kids!


"Amazed at the shifts taking place most powerful series i have ever come across"

"I have been listening to and doing the clearing work from the replays of "From heartache to joy" and am absolutely amazed at the shifts taking place. This is the most powerful series I have ever come across. I could not believe during one replay, while taking a break from work at my office, that I instantly received healing of 3rd chakra issues that have kept me blocked since adolescence. It was so powerful that right there and then I felt the Earth star energy infuse my 3rd chakra and was able to RECEIVE for the first time in a very long time. I have done a lot of energy work since October 2012 to open and balance chakras that were blocked and my 3rd chakra issues just could not be cleared...until today!! Thank you so much for this incredible work and gift you are sharing with the world. May the universe continue to abundantly bless you."



All by Downloading our Activation Kit and listening to the daily free calls!!

The 3 step Activation Kit is yours free as soon as you send us your name and email address!

Plus You get FREE Gifts from our healers EVERY DAY of the call. These alone are worth several 100 Dollars! And they are yours to keep!


Here's what some of our
past attendees have to say

I feel like you and all the other hosts and speakers are all here with me on this incredible journey.

"You and your series has truly touched my heart...I know exactly what you mean about how listening to them raised your vibration. I feel like you and all the other hosts and speakers are all here with me on this incredible journey. I think that my biggest revelations over this past year were about self-love and boundaries - concepts I had barely heard of before."

Lee Anne

...Each call brings another layer of healing...

"I just wanted to thank you personally for doing these tele-summit calls. Like you, I am healing along with these tele-summits through my soul transformation. Each call brings another layer of healing for me. Amazing! I'm SO very grateful to you for organizing and doing these tele-summits. I've been with you since last year and will stay with your tele-summits forever so keep up the good work! We healers around the world appreciate your hard work to bring healing to us! Love and blessings."

Suzanne Thibault

Went from experiencing sadness & depression into joy just with one call...

"Hi Eram, I went from heartache to joy in one phone call today. I cannot express enough gratitude to you and the speaker... I wanted to listen to it as I cannot even explain what happened to me ...Crazy, wow inexplicable. I tune in faithfully and rely on the work that you do by providing this summit (without which) my life is in shambles."


Join Me Now

And the World's Top Masters & Healers and experience instant Transformation!

"...Amazed at the shifts taking place.Most powerful series i have ever come across!" ~ Tabita