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Dr Kim's Best seller Package of Magic Manifestation was offered as a FREE bonus to the FIRST 50 BUYERS ONLY
nd it is now SOLD OUT!

Dr. Kim is taking in 25 more people for the Round Table but cannot offer Magic Manifestation as a Bonus. However you can buy it at a further discounted price below. Scroll down to check the offers.

Dr. Kimberly's Round TableTM

Another original cutting edge program from Dr. Kimberly McGeorge
(Value $650)

Are you ready for radical shifts in your life?

Do you want to understand the REAL secrets behind Manifestation...and why it is effortless for some while impossible  for others?

How can you Manifest QUICKLY each time? For me the average time frame is less than a week now and sometimes it's IMMEDIATE! What's the Secret?

Do you have questions that have never been answered?

All healers, Intuitive, Mediums have TOOLs they use...which ones are the most effective ones? You will NOT hear about these anywhere else and Dr. Kim will not hold anything back!!!

Spiritual Protection, what is it and why is it critical?

And the NUMBER ONE most important tool you MUST have:  Consistently stay at a high vibration!!!!

Never before offered:

An hour of contribution from US and YOU Limited to ONLY 50 participants!!!

Live never before done clearings based on the energy of THIS small group:

Based only on YOU....Magical Brilliant Amazing YOU!

Powerful Group energy that promotes transformation.

YOUR chance to work with Dr. Kim more intimately in a small group.

Each Wednesday, 3 times a of each month, there will be a LIVE group round table discussion and healing call where each member receives:


Surprises will happen! Amazing guests will visit! Every week the class will be different: ALL will have a chance to contribute their wisdom, insights and questions. Powerful shifts happen when 2 or more join their energies with the intention for radical transformation to occur. You've asked for it. We're delivering. This is a members ONLY program that YOU get to decide how often and when you attend. No raising hands. No muting. No...Holds...Barred. Ask Dr. Kimberly and our guests absolutely ANYTHING.


This has NEVER been done before and
will NEVER be offered at this price again. Period!


Each Month will be limited to 50 participants in order to facilitate communication and allow you to ask your questions. Dr. Kim will pick the first couple calls topics but all future topics will be chosen by YOU.

We will share different viewpoints and opinions and play in the group energy together. A private Facebook group ($97) will be provided for further interaction. Once you have received confirmation you are in the  group, we will send you a complete call schedule and YOUR job is to send us your questions and topics (and suggested guests).

Everyone will have a chance to participate LIVE or submit their questions ahead of time....


RECEIVE 2 MONTHS of this Ground Breaking Program! Never before
offered on any telesummit...for only $147.00. This is a $650 value!!!


This has NEVER been done before and
will NEVER be offered at this price again. Period!

For those who may not be able to make the LIVE call at all times, a recording of each group session will always be provided & emailed shortly after the LIVE call. This will allow you to receive the exact same benefits of the LIVE healing sessions. 

But that's not all, as members of From Heartache To Joy Telesummit Series, you get the EXTRA BONUS of:

1 remote energy healing transmission!!!!

(A $97 Value, yours FREE)

These sessions will be the first Wednesday of each month 15 minutes before the Round Table begins.

These sessions are done remotely and you can be anywhere at anytime to receive them! Because of Dr. Kim's unique ability to plug into your unique energy harmonic frequency, you simply have to be registered as part of this group and you WILL receive quantum remote healing!!!!

And to make this even better, Dr. Kim is offering a rock Bottom, never before and never again special offer EXCLUSIVELY for the members of From Heartache To Joy Tele-summit

This offer is so good that I can afford only 25 more PARTICIPANTS


You Also get a copy of the


Dr. Kim Did on the Call



(VALUE $312)

 Magic Manifestation Part One:
  Sacred Geometry for Wealth and Abundance
Value $47 | Format: Downloadable MP4

Hidden throughout the centuries was a secret so sacred that only the high priests in the Egyptian and Mayan cultures had access to it. It is encoded in the ruins, the architecture of the ancients and the very breath of life itself. Sacred Geometry constantly emits powerful template frequencies into the universe. Are you using these secrets to bring everything you desire into your physical reality? WHAT could learn these secrets?

WE at the Secret to Everything REALLY love to share these SECRETS with our friends. On this 90 minute video, Dr. Kimberly discusses this ancient technology and demonstrates how you can use it too.

  Magic Manifestation Part Two:
  Tools to Bring More Wealth, Love, Health and Abundance into Your  Reality NOW
Value $47 | Format: MP4

In this 90 minute video, Dr. Kimberly shows you tools you need to use to bring more Wealth, Love, Health and Abundance into your reality NOW!

 Awakened Human Activation Series
Value $47| Format: Downloadable MP3

This channeled activation awakens your inner magnificence and outer abilities by activating and opening your natural energy bodies, fields, chakras, and systems.

 **NEW** Detox Frequency
Value $47 | Format: Downloadable MP3

This channeled activation awakens your inner magnificence and outer abilities by activating and opening your natural energy bodies, fields, chakras, and systems.

**NEW** Freedom from Anxiety & Fear
Value $47| Format: Downloadable MP3

"Freedom From Anxiety and Fear", was created to help heal old relationship wounds and enable you to dive freely into creating the world you desire: a world where you are totally cherished, loved... a world in which you feel peace, harmony, wellness, wholeness, and Divine Connection.

  Calling in Your Soul Mate
Value $77| Format: Downloadable MP3

A Trance Meditation Journey ~ The first of Dr. Kimberly's trademarked VisionScapesTM

This new proprietary technology is beyond frequency and exponentially changes the way you create your reality!


You Also get a copy of the

Dr. Kim Did on the Call




Round Table™ & Magic Manifestation


Dr. Kimberly's Round Table, a new cutting edge
program from Dr. Kim (Value $650)

Dr Kim's Best seller Package of Magic Manifestation
as a FREE bonus (Value $312)

Dr. Kim Did on the Call

A Total Value of $962

Yours for Only $197.00

Offer Expires in


Our intention is to be of service. If within thirty days You are not satisfied, you may return it and Receive a full refund. No question asked.

Live Comments received during the call!
"As usual Dr Kimberly, u put me in a altered state. . Still there is a very strong stimulation third Eye chakra. It was as if the activation was for me. Thank you very much with lots of love n Light n gratitude."
Soudi Arabia
"I felt calm before Dr. Kim's energy work and began to experience a range of emotions during the process - much came up to be healed! Now I feel a sense of tightness and heaviness in my throat and chest. Thank you so much for your beautiful loving work! "

"Thank you so much!!! :))))) I wrote about my thyroid before... I felt the energy and what Dr Kim said is exactly what I was going through. Can we listen to the replay again for more effectiveness? "

"Trying not to cry here at work.... feel lighter, clearer. working on my crown chakra felt like my brain was electrified"

"WOW, felt like Dr. Kim saw/cleared exactly what was going on with me. Whoohoo!!! feels so awesome right now :-) "



About Dr. Kimberly McGeorge

Dr. Kimberly has practiced naturopathic medicine for over 20 years and worked as an intuitive life coach and energy healer for the last 10 years. Dr. Kimberly, a high level healer is currently taking limited, private clients and is teaching classes across the country. She now exclusively practices energy medicine, is a vibrational catalyst and a sought after speaker. She is committed to facilitating consciousness and raising vibration around the globe.

Trained in many different modalities and in the shortest amount of time, she remains committed to facilitating the greatest amount of transformation in her clients.



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