Do You Ever Feel Like
There's "Something" Holding You Back?

That there's some kind of invisible force where you take a step forward to more joy and success
yet seem to get pulled right back down again?

The reason is your outer world will always reflect your inner world. Whatever your
dominant thoughts and feelings are will determine the life you create for yourself.

And your inner world is created from your moment of conception (or even before that)
where you have had all the experiences of your life imprinted into your soul.
All the positive emotions you have ever felt are locked deep within your
soul’s memory... but so are all the negative emotions.

Why Trapped Negative Emotions
Are Holding You Back

Your life acts like a thermostat. Your soul determines what your outside world is going to look like and sets its dial to that level... say 72 degrees.

Then you start personal development and wonderful things start happening. You get a pay rise, find a new partner or simply start feeling happier. The temperature in your life is starting to rise and before you know it you’re living at 90 degrees.

But then the thermostat kicks in. It’s been set to give you a life of 72 degrees and so it turns on the air conditioning until you cool off a little. Suddenly things in life just start going wrong and you begin to sabotage your own success.

Want Better Results?
Increase Your Thermostat...

Until you set the thermostat to a higher number then your life can never change dramatically.
You’ll stay roughly the same income level, same weight and have similar friends and relationships because that is what your life is “set to” by default.

So if you want your life to change... you need to reset the thermostat as high as it will go!

It Works Even If Your Life Is As Bad As This...

I experienced a lifetime of poor health that traditional doctors struggled to cure and sometimes even understand what was wrong with me. I’ve suffered from chronic colds, tonsillitis, glandular fever, anaemia, chronic fatigue syndrome, adrenal fatigue and that’s just what they were able to diagnose. I’ve had times in my life where I was too weak to lift a spoon and others where I couldn’t walk 100 yards without collapsing.

I’ve gone from job to job trying desperately to find something that would make me happy. My father forbade me from doing what I loved and so I bounced all over the place trying to support myself and my two young children.

I’ve been incredibly unhappy since a young age and remember strangers saying to me things like “cheer up, it may never happen.” I went through a failed marriage to the wrong person and another long term relationship with a very controlling partner.

In summary... life sucked and I’ll admit I considered taking the easy way out on more than one occasion. The only thing that really kept me going in those dark days was my love for my children.

What Finally Turned It All Around

Eventually I found energy healing on tele-summits thanks to Google and started listening to calls just like you have. I listened to loads of calls, bought several (despite money being extremely tight) and just kept listening and looking until I finally found things that worked.

I released everything energy related causing my illness, every situation that had made me unhappy, every person that I had a negative association with. I released heart barriers, cut ties to everyone and just released until I started to feel better.

It was a challenge and I had bad days, weeks even when I felt ill from too much releasing, I frequently over-released and had a major headache for a whole week on a couple of occasions but I was determined to get well, earn money and be able to feel I was a worthwhile mother and person.

The releasing and energy healing started to work, and I kept adapting my methods to feel even better and stronger, until eventually I did actually feel well!

What Happened Next...

I was so impressed with the energy healing that I started to use it on my therapy clients, friends and family who had similar good results with them. Now it’s simply grown from there.

I strongly believe that energy healing can heal anything... it's just a matter of digging into all of our hidden layers until we find where the emotion or issue is. Energy releasing is very powerful, and is now a way of life for me.

Energy transmissions have transformed my life – and not just healing my poor health – but giving me a feeling of inner confidence and self belief that I never had before. I can truly say that I feel very proud of who I am and what I’m able to give with energy transmissions and releasing.

How Can Energy Healing Help Change Your Life?

If you wish to stop the constant yo-yo effect of feeling good, having a bad patch, recovering and feeling good to have yet another bad patch then you need a total detox through all layers of your energy fields.

Dr David R Hawkins measured the vibration of human emotions using kinesiology and composed a 'Scale of Consciousness' which shows the numerical value of various emotions on a scale of 1 to 1,000. He also discovered that all the lowest and negative emotions were less than 200 on the scale, with humiliation being the lowest at just 20.

Here are some of the negative emotions that you
may experience
(consciously or unconsciously):

Permanently releasing these low vibrations and totally cleansing your energy field will cause a major shift in your life.
This is when you move out of struggle, out of yo-yo and into being in the flow and effortless manifestation of your desired life!

How Does Your Spiritual Spider Web Look?

To give you a visual picture of the process above let’s imagine that each of your energy fields is like a spider's web and that every energy you come into contact with in each moment is stored in this web.

The first contact will be with our energy field or aura, which is there to protect our inner energies from picking up unwanted energies. However, repeated exposure to the same energies will result in the energy penetrating through our protective energy field and becoming lodged in our mind, body or spirit webs.

This is when we become aware of these energies, either as emotions we express or as illness, relationship issues, scarcity, lack and repeating patterns and programs that have been installed in us by our parents, teachers and society.

Which Energy Field Do You Want?

If we imagine that unwanted low vibrations and emotions are stored as black dots and high vibrations and emotions are stored as yellow hearts then it’s easier to visualise the effects that energies around us have on our energy fields.

Your Choice?

"Everybody is like a magnet. You attract to yourself reflections of that which you are.
If you're friendly then everybody else seems to be friendly too." – Dr David R Hawkins
These black dots and yellow hearts are acting like strong magnets and as The Law of Attraction states that Like attracts Like, then all of your black magnets are attracting more low vibrations, energies that you do not want, and all of your yellow heart magnets are dissolving low vibrations and attracting high vibrations, giving you what you do want.
So allow Your Yellow Hearts to Shine through, attract more Yellow Hearts
and create Pure Love in Your Life!

How To Release Your
Trapped Negative Emotions

If you feel stuck in your life, have repeating unwanted patterns, unexpected incidents, accidents, break downs or keep experiencing the same emotions over again and again when you feel you have cleared this then you have these vibrations stored somewhere in your energy fields.

You need to release all these unwanted emotions from all of your energy fields and through all of the layers. This is a huge task and one which most people are unable to do themselves. It requires high energy Pure Love transmissions to reach, dissolve and release the emotions through all of the layers of our energy fields.

The Pure Love Transmission And How It Can Help You

The Pure Love Transmission is a high energy transmission that I perform remotely to clear your negative vibrations and emotions. I ask that the energy being transmitted to you is Pure Love as Love (in its purest form) is very powerful and heals everything.

The releasing I do is using Source Energy (Divine Power, Universal Energy or God) to release the trapped and stored emotions from our energy field. The reason my releasing is so powerful is because I have done literally thousands of releases on myself to recover from illness and clear my own energy field from low vibrations so this gives me a stronger connection to source energy than someone who hasn't done any of this energy work.

This allows me to send massive energy transmissions remotely that will release you of your low vibration emotions. It may be hard to understand until you experience it for yourself... but I guarantee you will experience it.
Here’s What You Get..
Release Of 60 Low Vibration Emotions

I will do a High Vibration Release of 60 Low Vibration Emotions from your Mind, Body, Spirit & Energy Field.

We will work through a list of 60 low vibration emotions that are less than 200 on the Scale of Consciousness. These are the emotions that keep us stuck in old patterns, attracting more low vibrations to us, and stop us reaching our full potential.

On day one, I will release 2 emotions, then on subsequent days I will release the previous days releasing plus 2 new emotions. This enables the releasing to work really deep through lots of layers, so the Day 1 emotions will be released 30 times, Day 2 29 times and so on. I will use my inner guidance to select the heaviest emotions to start with to ensure maximum releasing of these unwanted low energies.
High Vibration Pure Love Energy Transmission

Sending High Pure Love Energy Transmissions before the releasing and after the releasing will reduce the side effects of the releasing, and allows me to release through more layers and do a deeper detox of your energy field. They will also start to give you a feeling of love, peace and joy in your life. These transmissions add high vibrations to your energy field, and so raise the temperature on your thermostat, whilst the releasing stops your new temperature from being sabotaged. This means we are tackling the issue from both ends and making the energy work twice as powerful and effective.

You will receive a High Vibration Pure Love Energy Transmission twice a day for the entire month.
Daily Support And Updates

You will receive a daily email detailing the emotions being released for that day, the energy I felt when I released it and any advice I feel will help you during that day to support you through those particular releases.

For example... when releasing sadness or grief you may experience a lot of crying “for no reason” and would wonder what was happening if you didn't know that I was releasing those emotions from you. Or if I am releasing anger you’ll notice you feel angry that day which could feel very out of character for you.

This daily advice will be vital support to help you understand the whole detox of low emotions from your energy field. This awareness and support will keep your focus on the positive benefits of feeling these emotions as they leave rather than getting cross, annoyed or upset that you are experiencing them.
Plus You Get These Great Bonus Packages
Completely Free...
The Pure Love Transmission And How It Can Help You
Money & Abundance
Do you have deep buried beliefs about money, lack, and not enough? Have you repeatedly heard negative statements such as 'money doesn't grow on trees' and 'we can't afford it' etc? You need to release all these negative statements and any blocks you have to receiving abundance or your energy field is attracting more of what you don't want – lack – back to you.

This bonus money audio will release lack, there's not enough, we can't afford it, money doesn't grow on trees and more. You cannot attract good to you when you have hidden low vibrations in your energy field.

This powerful release will free you of all energies preventing & blocking you from receiving money, abundance, wealth, prosperity, new clients, new job prospects, more sales, winnings and assistance from others, and release energies of lack, scarcity, poverty, of not having enough, not being good enough, not being worthy & not deserving to have & all beliefs such as:
I can't afford it
I'll never be rich
There's never enough
Money doesn't grow on trees
I'm not good enough
I don't deserve it
It's hard making money
Money goes out quicker than it comes in
I'm no good at making money
I'm not successful
I'm not lucky
I'll never be rich
Love & Self-Love
You need to learn to love yourself before you can have that dream relationship with someone else. This means truly and fully loving yourself just as you are.

Most people think that they love themselves but I often find that there is at least one little part of you that doesn't fully love yourself just the way you are. And these energies that forbid you from loving yourself unconditionally will prevent you from attracting the partner of your dreams and keep you stuck in the same old patterns.

The powerful release includes releasing all energies, programming and beliefs such as...

You can't love yourself
That you don't deserve to be loved
Thoughts that your children, your partner or any other person is more important than you
Any programming you have that stops you from putting yourself first and looking after yourself, your health, your body & appearance and your energy... so that you FEEL GOOD!

The exercise included in this package is very powerful and includes an audio and written sheet of loving statements to say to yourself while looking into your own eyes in a mirror. When you do this exercise you will discover the truth about your true feelings for yourself and you could (like me) find yourself in tears and totally unable to say some of these statements to yourself.

If you are an honest and loving person in nature then you cannot look into the mirror and say a lie. This means you will discover the truth about your self love during this exercise. And with regular repetition combined with the powerful releases you will soon learn to love yourself and feel an inner confidence that is more powerful than you ever thought possible.
This is a true heart opening experience to really loving you.
"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart." – Helen Keller
Your Dream Relationship
Are you finding yourself in one unhappy relationship after another?
Do your partners resemble your father or mother in character traits?
Are you subconsciously attracting a partner with the same personality and repeating history?

These patterns need releasing if you desire to meet the true person of your dreams and allow yourself the privilege of choosing who YOU wish to fall in love with.

Do you believe there is someone out there who is your perfect soul mate? That special person who you can look into their eyes and know that they love you just the way you are and that you will be blissfully happy together for the rest of your lives.

And They Lived Happily Ever After is not a fairytale... you can make it come true!

"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them." – Walt Disney
Illness & Pain

Feeling ill or in pain really isn't enjoyable at all. It's not what life is about and we deserve to feel well. Sometimes we can become trapped in illness as emotions often associated with being ill and being in pain such as depression, anxiety and worry are all low vibration and keep us caught in a cycle of attracting more of what we don't want.

Recovering from serious or chronic illness can be very challenging. There are many energies at work here from emotions lowering our moral and self-esteem, beliefs that we are stuck and will never feel better, to symptoms of the illness that are causing us discomfort, pain and unhappiness.

This release addresses all of these areas including lifestyle issues and not listening to your inner self while allowing your life to change so you can be healthy and happy. If you have a serious or chronic illness then you can play this audio daily – or even on loop overnight – to release the energies keeping you stuck in a life of illness that you don't want.

(This release is not intended to replace any medical or addictive support being given, but to help assist the process and procedures already being done.)

It is natural to feel grief or sadness when we lose someone, something or a pet we loved from our lives. Grief is an emotion like all other emotions and so it can be released to end or short cut the grieving process. Often we are led to believe that it takes 1-2 years or longer to recover from grief but this doesn't have to be the case at all.

Guilt is another emotion that needs releasing while grieving as we often feel guilty and don't allow ourselves to feel happy when we are in the grieving period. This keeps us stuck in grief for even longer as well.

Release your feelings of deep hurt, sadness, trauma, guilt and grief from your crying so the tears can flow freely and you can move forwards with your life.

Grief and excessive grief serve no positive purpose at all and releasing it can only be a positive thing for you, your health, your family and friends and everyone around you.

Do you have an addictive habit that is spoiling your life or relationship? Binge eating, smoking, gambling, alcohol issues, drinking too much coffee or cola drinks?

Addictions are caused by low vibration emotions such as craving and desire but there are often other hidden emotions that are causing this addictive behaviour such as feeling unloved, unwanted, not good enough and so on.

This release will focus on releasing the emotions of craving and desire and any unwanted withdrawal symptoms or side effects from giving up the addictive behaviour. Hidden causes for the addictive behaviour will be released in the main Pure Love Transmission program above.

If your addiction is very deep rooted then you may need very specific releasing to end the addiction but this release will stop mild addictions and help those reduce the addictive tendencies of a more deep rooted addiction.

(This release is not intended to replace any medical or addictive support being given, but to help assist the process and procedures already being done.)
Plus A Special Surprise Bonus!
Details of this bonus will be revealed in your welcome and thank you email! I promise you will love it!
"Be the Change that You want to See in the World"
– Mahatma Gandhi
Here’s What You Do Next
It’s not often that something comes along that will clear all your negative emotions in just one package. This is definitely a time to act if you’re tired of making “a little progress here and there” and are ready for some massive changes in your life.
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Money & Abundance
Love & Self-Love
Your Dream Relationship
Illness & Pain
Daily Support And Updates
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About Michelle Carter

Michelle Carter had experienced a lifetime of poor health that traditional doctors struggled to cure and sometimes even understand what was wrong. She suffered from chronic colds, tonsillitis, glandular fever, anaemia, chronic fatigue syndrome, adrenal fatigue and that’s just what they were able to diagnose.

After a life of many jobs that she never really enjoyed and failing in relationships and marriage, she found herself as a single mother of 2 daughters, having a total physical break-down, and being too ill to work . . . her life needed a big change!

Eventually she found energy healing and released everything energy related causing her illness, every situation that had made her unhappy, every person that she had a negative association with. She released heart barriers, cut ties to everyone and just released until she started to feel better.

After experiencing the amazing benefits of energy healing herself she began to share it with others who had the same impressive results. Michelle strongly believes that energy healing can heal anything when you dig into the hidden layers and find out what the true emotion or issue is.

Energy transmissions have transformed her life and made her a powerful healer in her own right. Now she shares her gift with the world so others can experience the amazing benefits of energy healing and live the life they’ve always wanted.

Daily High Vibration Pure Love Energy Transmissions before and after the releasing
And the following Mp3s as Bonuses!
Money & Abundance
Love & Self-Love
Your Dream Relationship
Illness & Pain
Daily Support And Updates
Plus A Special Surprise Bonus!
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee Conditions Apply*
Instant Access after successful Payment
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